Arts Access Victoria

Arts Access Victoria is a disability arts organisation providing access, participation, engagement and professional development in the arts and cultural life across Victoria for people with a disability.With a focus on contemporary arts projects, Arts Access Victoria offers a range of events, programs and opportunities for people with a disability to explore different art mediums, develop skills and create new work.Programs include the acclaimed The Other Film Festival (OFF), Australia’s only international disability film festival, and Deaf Arts Network (DAN), an arts network for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Arts Access Victoria provides project development, training, resources, mentorships, advice and information services for organisations and individuals from both the arts and disability sectors.

Arts Access Victoria works in partnership with people with a disability, the arts and cultural sector, community organisations and government, so that all Victorians can access the arts. We often work in partnership with community organisations to establish independent locally managed arts projects.

Arts Access Victoria

Runs dynamic arts projects offering people with a disability the opportunity to create and celebrate art. Working alongside professional artists, participants explore a range of mediums such as animation, costume & set design, puppetry, sculpture, painting, theatre and dance.

Plays an important advocacy role, conducting research into the requirements of the disability community, as well as providing advice and leadership in policy development.

Provides training, assisting artists and people who work in the arts industry to facilitate inclusive arts practices for people with a disability.

Every year Arts Access handles over 12,000 requests for information! Whether you are a professional artist with a disability on the lookout for opportunities, an individual searching for local art classes, or a performing arts venue needing guidance on access issues, Arts Access Victoria is your portal to accessible arts in Victoria.

Arts Access Victoria

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