Pinarc Disability Support Services

Pinarc Disability Support Services provides a comprehensive range of support programs that enable people with a disability to reach their full potential. We believe in freedom of choice and the right to participate as a valued member of the community.

Included in Pinarc’s wide range of services are those offered by the Community Access Team – available for people with a disability aged from 0 – 65years:

  • Hub Sports Program
  • School Holiday Program (kids and teens)
  • Camps (4 days)
  • Weekend Camps (2 nights)
  • Youth Groups
  • Adult Weekend Social Group
  • Parent Support
  • Interchange
  • Asperger’s Social Club
  • Flexible Respite Options
  • In and home and community based 1 to 1 support
  • Central Intake
  • Funky Turtles
  • Funky Arts
  • Independent Living Skills Program

Your Imagination Coming to Life!

Being part of the planning process

Song writing, performance, and recording

Play writing, drama activities, rehearsal, and performance

Costume design and creation

Set design and creation

Dancing, singing, entertainment

Filming, marketing, and media release

Collaborating with other artists in the broader community

Educating and inspiring others through your own passion

Being part of an innovative artist group

If you would like to learn more about the Funky Turtles, Funky Arts or other Pinarc Services contact

Pinarc Disability Support Services

Ph: (03) 5329 1398