Sarah Kentish


My Name is Sarah Kentish. I like making things, i like helping people mix colours, i like seeing what the two colours come to.

I like the idea of selling my artwork and have been exploring commercial sales and participating in group exhibitions over the last few years.

“I want other people to understand, I have good work and want to keep some for myself and sell some to other people”.

I make art at an open studio at BRACE (Future Art), at home, and at Arthur Creative (part of Progressive Arts Studio).

I hope to continue making things, and would like to have a solo exhibition in the future.

“I like to paint, to make jewellery, my favourite thing to paint is a flower, if i was going to do a painting right now it would be a painting of flowers”.

My Artist Gallery

If you would like to view my gallery you can view it at Sarah Kentish's Gallery.