Pam Farey

Pam’s early experiences in frequenting her father’s darkroom opened her eyes to the power of image.

From a very early age Pam captured images, developed and printed up her photographs in her father’s darkroom, which introduced her to composition and seeing art in any domain.

Pam has been painting for over 20 years and has been involved in many group and solo exhibitions locally, nationally and overseas. Pam is an artist sponsored by the “International Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Association”. Pam’s battle with cancer and subsequent bone marrow transplant only slowed her art and creative pursuits temporarily. Pam works in acyclic, oil, water colour and gouache producing a large body of work each year. The works that Pam produces are a combination of commercial and exhibition pieces and uses a wide variety of subject matter.

Pam’s unique style of painting incorporates rich colours, sometimes presenting in a naïve stye and often including animals (domestic and rural). Some of her earlier exhibitions, included themes of; mermaids myths and mariners, dreams and angels, Egyptian visions and pyramids. Pam’s most recent, publically shown body of work highlighted her travels to Tibet where this exhibition created work on symbolism, politics, Buddhism, culture and life. Her current focus follows imagery captured from travels to Turkey and India, this will be her inspiration for her forthcoming series of exhibition paintings.

Pam’s work is of an exceptional calibre and she has received many awards over the years, in recognition of her craft. Pam lives and works from her rural property, west of Ballarat, a purpose built studio and gallery space complimented by magnificent landscapes. Pam’s strong endurance through many years of ill health shines through her expressive, spirited and vibrant style of art.

  • Mouth and Foot Painting Artist Association member
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts – Deakin University (Vis Arts / Anthropology / Sociology / Psychology )
  • Geelong Fine Art School

My Artist Gallery

If you would like to view my gallery you can view it at Pam Farey's Gallery.