Thurstin Lakerink is an emerging teen artist who has Asperger’s Syndrome. He has recently relocated from Western Australia to Ballarat.

Thurstin has a natural aptitude for photography that has seen him develop quite a profile for a young artist. At the age of 12 he was selected as a Profile Artist for Propel Youth Arts Zine

Thurstin has had no formal training and gain this level of attention within 6 months of having a mere entry level DSLR.

Thurstin talents go beyond photography, last year he was asked to write a short piece on living with Asperger’s for a group book collaboration, the piece that he wrote is being used by 4 disability services in Australia and 2 in the UK as his articulation of sensory issues and other challenges of Asperger’s provide such insight.

Thurstin’s Photography can also be viewed at:

If you would like to view my gallery you can view it at Thurstin Lakerink Gallery.